Common ATT Email Error Codes

Common ATT Email Error Codes

When using AT&T; email platform and applications downloaded to your phone, it very common to receive email error codes that signify some form of malfunction or broken links as far as emailing through ATT is concerned. With this idea at hand, you will be in a position to tell which email error codes are affecting your emailing and you will also be in a position to ask for support or you can even troubleshoot on this issues on your on and by yourself. Common AT&T; email error codes there are a number of various AT&T; email error codes that you can encounter in your daily experience with AT&T.;

What are the categories of ATT email error codes?

Temporary Errors

There are errors which are said to be temporary and temporary means that they can be resolved easily and may not persist if the right solution is found. Some of the temporary errors include: The temporary error 17, Error 03Farm, Launch FFC-1 and LaunchEmptyResponse. Almost all of these errors are said to be temporary because they can be resolved easily and can be resolved within a very short period of time. On the other hand, most of the errors are caused by the congestions caused by network traffic. Traffic jams are caused by the presence of many users trying to access the same platform using a single network platform. AT&T; Customer Support Number to resolve these AT&T; temporary errors, you will just need to refresh your web browser and try accessing your AT&T; email account once again.

Multiple location access error

This is also another category of common AT&T; email error which is normally as a result of your email account being used in more than one location or from various devices. For example, if you have a three company secretaries in different departments and all of them are trying to access your AT&T; email account at once, the last user will receive this kind of error. This error is also called the TAE 5 error. To resolve these, you just need to make sure that you sign out from all the devices trying to access the same account and the clear all the cache and cookies. ATT Customer Service Number you also need to restart your bowser and sign in to your AT&T; email account again using only one device in in one location.

There is also the internet connection error (TAE 18). This another error associated with ATT Email Account and it is caused by inefficient internet connection or basically when your browser cannot connect to the internet. To resolve this you simply need to reload your browser and if it persists, your will need to troubleshoot connection problems.