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Cryptocurrency has seen enormous growth over last few years. Every person seems to be influenced by this technology. Crypto exchanges have increased in numbers also and for most of the transactions, people opt Coinbase over other exchanges. One of the reason that Coinbase has become the first choice for people is its ‘Security’. Coinbase is secured and it also asks for Coinbase verifications when someone signs up at Coinbase.

Coinbase asks for verification and people who are signing up first time to any crypto exchange might face Coinbase verification problems. Because Coinbase asks for Photo ID verification and people who don’t read the instructions before signing up, face several Coinbase help support number 1-888-270-8375 i.e. Error while uploading photo ID, Photo ID has uploaded but still not able to buy, Coinbase is again asking to upload photo ID and so on. Coinbase support is readily available if someone have any kind of Coinbase verification problem. Most of the verification problems occur because the user hasn’t read the instructions before signing up. Few steps that one needs to take care to avoid any problem while verification on Coinbase.

• Signup using valid email address and verify that address later on.

• When uploading photo ID, make sure that your photo ID is valid and not expired.

• Photo ID should be visible not blur.

• Photo should not have any watermarks or logo.

• Photo should be complete, don’t crop any part.

• When uploading Selfie, make sure your face is visible not blur.

• Use a plain wall as background for selfie.

• Don’t wear sunglasses or hats.

If somebody has followed the above instructions then coinbase support phone number will not cause any problem. There are general instructions available on Coinbase platform, which needs to be read before signing up. As a regulated financial service company operating in the US Coinbase is periodically required to identify users on its platform. This ensures that they remain in compliance with KYC/AML laws in the jurisdictions in which they operate, something that is necessary for Coinbase to be able to continue to offer digital currency exchange services to their customers.

Coinbase has seen significant growth over last few months. In result of that growth, many people experienced Coinbase verification problems and Coinbase support. But, Coinbase is regularly updating and maintaining the security standards by which nobody should have Coinbase verification problem. Coinbase verification is now using machine learning for ID verifications. This means the Coinbase verification will take seconds not hours. Also, Coinbase has active custom support also. Coinbase support is actively solving issues related to verification. Coinbase have also included a general FAQ section about the ID verification. This has made verification easy for anyone signing up. If are Facing a problem call now Coinbase Techincal Support Toll free USA Number 1-888-270-8375

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