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There is one main predefined procedure of setting up a recovery for your AOL email password. There are various reasons we lose our passwords. The first reason is that we forget. Human beings tend to forget something especially if they do not normally use it on daily basis or frequently; and that is normal. Secondly, we tend to forget our AOL email password because we have other many passwords and we tend to confuse and cannot figure out which password was used. Thirdly but not least, we forget our passwords because we are used to depending on our browsers to keep them for us. The good news is that there is always AOL Customer Service Number which you can always turn to for help.

The Procedure of Recovering AOL email password

The first thing to do whenever you have lost your AOL email password, is to check whether your browser remembers your password. If it doesn’t, don’t be scared or rush to call the AOL helpline number because there is a way out. From here, you will need to proceed to your AOL mail platform. Thirdly, type or key in your email address. Your email address should always be correct and should be the one that you used when opening the AOL account.

AOL Support Number

The fourth step is typing your password. Since you don’t remember and your browser does not remember for you, just type whatever you think was your password. Then if it doesn’t log you in, you will then proceed to the next step.

Step five is selecting, “Forgot email password”. As soon as you click on this link, you will be directed to input your recovery account in form of email address or phone number. From here, the recovery link will be sent to your recovery email or phone in form of a code. However, if this does not send you a recovery code, then you need to reach to a customer service agent through the AOL Support Number +1-888-270-8375 and they will give you a way forward.

Step six is using the new code sent to recovery email as your password. When you succeed in login in using the provisional password, use your new account to reset your new password. Then from here, make sure that you use a password that you can remember. But it should be a strong one.

AOL Email is yet another email but it is true that it is far different and better from other email clients. This email has some limitations or in simpler terms some issues that often irritate the users. Have a look at some of the main troubles:

  • I am facing Problem in creating a new AOL Mail account
  • How to fix the Issue in sending or receiving emails
  • My AOL Email account has been hacked, what to do
  • I am getting error messages at the time of using AOL Email
  • How to recover Blocked AOL Account
  • Attachment issues in my AOL Mail
  • I am facing Problem in resetting AOL Account password
  • I am Unable to access AOL Email account
  • How to Troubleshoot AOL Email issues
  • I am having Difficulty in recovering lost AOL Email password
  • Server down issues with my AOL Email
  • How to fix Problems in synchronizing other emails with AOL Email
  • I am Not able to install AOL Mobile app
  • I am having Trouble in deleting AOL emails
  • Not able to manage spams in my AOL Email account
  • I am facing Difficulty in setting signature in AOL Email

If a comparison is to be made with other email services, the procedure of creating an AOL Email Support is just a task of a couple of minutes. You just need to follow some basic steps to complete the account creation.

  • Go to the AOL Homepage and click on the sign-up link
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Create a username that will be your email address
  • Make a password to protect your account
  • Enter your date of birth and select your gender
  • Type in your Zip code and select a security question
  • Enter your phone number and an alternate email address
  • Click sign up button

Many users encounter a problem in changing their AOL Mail password. But that is not a difficult process. You can perform the given steps to do the change the password. Just make sure that no step is missed.

  • Enter your email credentials and sign in to your account security page
  • Click on change password
  • Enter the new password you want to use in the new password field
  • Type in the password again in the Confirm new password fields
  • Click continue and then ok, got it

It is general to come across hassles in creating a new mail and then in sending it too. If you are also unsure about sending the email then you can try the steps.

  • Enter your AOL Email
  • Click on compose from the inbox
  • Type in the email address of your contact in the ‘To’ field
  • In the subject field, type what the email is about shortly
  • Type your message in the body of the mail
  • Add attachments if you want
  • Click send

Life comes upon a big break when an email account gets hacked but with AOL Email you can fix your hacked account with much ease. It is not all difficult as it seems to be. Just try these steps

  • Change your password immediately
  • Change your account security questions
  • Review any other changes and rectify them
  • Contact AOL Email Support Phone Number

Suppose you tried to troubleshoot an issue of AOL Email but nothing seems to be working then what? Then you must immediately reach out to the team of technical representatives available at AOL Technical Support Phone Number that stays accessible 24 hours of the day. The highly skilled technicians will resolve the glitch you are encountering in the minimum possible time.