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How to receive Bitcoins in Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the finest and trusted exchange for buying, selling, storing or transferring the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has been making history as Bitcoin has showed its colors of being volatile. People have started trading in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and Coinbase is the site where most of the people land to buy or sell Bitcoins. Coinbase is not just an exchange but it is also a wallet to keep your digital currency. You can directly receive your bitcoins in Coinbase.

To receive bitcoins in Coinbase you need to follow the following steps

• Create an account on Coinbase by providing all the information needed.

• After creating and verifying your account ‘Log in’ to your newly made account on Coinbase.

• Go to the ‘Account Setting’ under Wallet. Its on the top left side of the website menu.

• Select ‘Bitcoin Address’ from the drop-down menu of Account settings.

• After selecting Bitcoin Address, you will be able to create new address or view the current address.

• Save that address as you will receive Bitcoins on this address from where ever you want.

You can use your Coinbase wallet to receive supported digital currencies by publicly displaying a wallet address or by providing one of your wallet addresses to someone directly. If you are receiving from another Coinbase customer, you can have them send digital currency to the email address you used when creating your account. To find a wallet address, click 'Wallet Address' near the top right corner of the account page (be sure to select the correct currency account).

To find a QR code / address using the mobile app

• Tap the QR icon on the upper right corner.

• Select “My Address” from the top corner.

• Allow the sender to scan your QR core or else you can send the address to other party.

Follow the above steps and you can receive your bitcoins in Coinbase. Let it be through the website or mobile app, you just need your ‘Wallet Address’ and the Bitcoins will be received on that address. Bitcoins have become heavenly popular among the people and every person seems to have a digital wallet. Coinbase contact number is one of the top exchange for buying and selling bitcoins, it has gain this popularity because of its simple interface and easy understanding. Wallet address is something relatable to your Email address, to get email you send email address to third party. Same is with the Bitcoin wallet, to receive bitcoins you just need to send your Wallet address to third party. By following the above steps one can easily get to the Bitcoin Address section on Coinbase and receive the Bitcoins.If are Facing a problem call now Coinbase Techincal Support Toll free USA Number 1-888-270-8375

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