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Binance 2FA Error

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange website that is used to buy and exchange of different cryptocurrencies. Being on such website, the greatest concern one can have is ‘security’. When signing up to Binance one should make sure to turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). There are couple of errors that one can get when enabling 2FA. ‘Binding Failed Error’ and ‘Invalid email and Password Error’ are the most common 2FA errors that happens to most of the people. Let’s discuss what these errors are and how to resolve them.

When you sign up to Binance, it asks for Two-Factor authentication by Google Auth. You need to have ‘Google Authenticator’ app installed on your smartphone. You need to scan the QR code provided by Google Authenticator with your smart phone and it will generate a 16-digit key. Now Binding Error occurs because of several reasons;

• You didn’t scan the QR code.

• You haven’t installed Google Authenticator app on your smartphone.

• Time on your computer and smartphone should be synchronized.

Every time you sign up at Google Authentication for some website it generates QR code which you need to scan. Most people put the wrong key code which they generated from another site and they get Binding Error on Binance. You need to generate key code for Binance and then put it along with your email and password to enable 2FA. Secondly, this ‘Binding Error’ might occur because you haven’t installed Google Authenticator app on your smartphone, you should have it installed in order to scan and generate 16-digit key. Another reason for this error is that the phone you are using to scan and the computer don’t have the same date and time. Date and Time on both your computer and smartphone needs to be synchronized.

Another Error that occur while enabling 2FA on face to problem we are provide best Binance customer support number 1-888-270-8375 error is ‘Invalid Email or Password’. This is like the most common error on different website and whenever this error occurs the basic steps one take is to check

• If the email provided is correct.

• If the password provided is correct.

These are the basic steps that one will take. If still you are getting an error than you need to check your email of Binance account name. The reason of getting this error could be the Capitalization of alpha character of your Binance account name. You must setup Binance account with lower case email id and the 2FA will work perfectly. So, all that was needed to resolve this error was the use of lower case letters. 2FA doesn’t accept upper case letters in your email or Binance account name. Binance Toll free number 1-888-270-8375

These were the most common Errors that occur when one enables 2FA on Binance. You need to follow instructions carefully to avoid such errors. Sometimes, a little glitch can ruin your day.

Binance customer service phone number

Binance customer support number